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C-Mor Safety Eyewear is a leading provider of occupational prescription eyewear in North America, offeringing comprehensive eye protection programs and products to business and industry for over 30 years.

Unlike many other providers of safety prescription eyewear products, we focus on safety eyewear as a core competency. We specialize in the design and production of safety eyewear.  Our industrial safety eyewear sales representatives are skilled in helping you design a customize program for your company.

About C-Mor Safety Eyewear

C-Mor Safety Eyewear’s licensed opticians specialize in on-site dispensing. We have been in business since 1984 and serve several large and small companies in the greater Cleveland area. We offer safety eyewear programs and American-made safety products with a full warranty. We do all fittings, measurements, ordering and dispensing of safety eyewear.
Please feel free to call or set up an appointment to discuss our program, services, and products. We will be happy to supply brochures and product information upon request.

Rob Anderson  – President & Owner
Rob is a US Army Vietnam Veteran.  He trained in opticianry in Pittsburgh, PA. Following graduation, Rob and his wife moved to Texas, where he managed an optical lab.  Rob and his wife, Chris, returned to Cleveland, where Rob opened an optical store in 1984. A year later Rob joined A.O. Safety, where saw the need to pursue a career as an industrial optician.

Bill Watson – Director of Operations
Bill grew up in Southeast Ohio, and suffered a eye injury while in the middle school. Following high school graduation, Bill moved to Northeast Ohio, where he worked as a machine operator. Due to Bill’s eye injury he needed a pair of eye glasses. The optician at the store offered him a job as apprentice optician. He worked for several optical companies over the years and learned his skills through on-the-job training. Bill joined C-Mor Safety in 2011. 

Safety first is of the utmost importance
to your company and employees.

We make your safety eyewear program simple and easy to maintain.

Chamber of Commerce Member

Licensed Opticians

Specializing in Safety Eyewear

ANSI Z87.1 2010 Standard

OSHA Approved

Vision Screenings

Onsite and Offsite Programs

Transition-Photochromic Polarized Lenses

Personal Pairs

Polycarbonate Lenses

Side Shields Available On All Products

Titanium Frames

Progressive Lenses

Large Selection of Non-Prescription Glasses

Computer Glasses

Respirator Inserts


We have been working with Bill Watson and CMOR Opticians for the past 18 months.  We transitioned our contract opticians to Bill to manage and also solicited their permanent staff for customers of ours requiring onsite visits.  Bill and his staff have a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to optics, eyewear, and the safety business.  I can honestly say that our program and business has become easier to execute and manage since partnering with CMOR Opticians.

Tory Olson District Sales Manager - Safety Division / Essilor Prescription Safety Eyewear

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Why Do You Need Prescription Safety Glasses?


Not all eyewear meets ANSI Z87.1 Standards for eye protection. OSHA regulations direct employers that safety eyewear should be worn whenever there is a risk of injury to the eyes due to impact, heat, chemical, dust or optical radiation hazards.

Most casual eyewear does not meet OSHA requirements for on-the-job use where the potential for eye hazards exists. Eyewear that meets the ANSI Z87.1 Standard is uniquely designed and engineered to withstand greater impacts and still protect the eye.

Safety eyewear frames must pass a high mass impact test and a high velocity impact test. During the high mass impact test, the frame must be capable of resisting impact from a pointed projectile weighing 17.6 ounces dropped from a height of 51.2 inches. The high velocity impact test subjects frames to impacts from a 0.25-inch steel bag traveling at 150-fps velocity. The frame must be capable of resisting this impact.

Lenses that meet the standard must withstand the free drop of a 1-inch steel ball from 50 inches under specific conditions. This is equal to impact energy of .6 foot-pounds.

Establishing An Effective Program Is Easy

programOur trained sales representatives can help you determine what level of eye protection is required in your company. We will review the frame selection with you, the types of lenses available, and help you determine the options that should be required in your program.


Our Program Management tools and techniques will make it easy for you to:

  • Control your program with regards to which options are allowed and cost per pair of eyewear.
  • Inform your employees when they are eligible, how optical dispensing arrangements have been made and where to order eyewear, and which options are allowed and not allowed in your program.
  • Instruct our eye care professionals on what options your employees may have and which options are not allowed.

On-Site Service  

teamWe can provide dispensing services to you through on-site dispensing programs.

We will provide courteous and thorough assistance, and can help your employees with the eyewear selection process and ensure a proper fit. Once eyewear selection is complete, we will place the order with one of our optical laboratories and will promptly contact your employee when the eyewear is completed.

If your program is just starting up, you may want to consider our “blitz” program where we provide on-site dispensing services in the beginning to expedite getting your employees compliant and into safety prescription eyewear.

Or, if your program warrants it with sufficient volume to make it cost effective for you, we can establish a permanent on-site dispensing program on a regular scheduled basis. This program can be particularly effective I you have a large number of employees in one location.

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