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Why Your Company Needs Safety Glasses

Wearing safety glasses is the most effective way to prevent eye injuries at work. Even the smallest debris can have damaging effects on your eyes. According to the CDC, every day around 2000 people suffer an eye-related injury at work. Most of these injuries could have been prevented with the use of eyewear. Here are some of the reasons why you should be wearing safety glasses. 

Protecting your eyes from debris 

One of the most common eye injuries occurs when a foreign material enters the eye. This results in scraping which is both painful and has the potential for long-term damage. Safety glasses prevent foreign materials from getting into your eyes. Protective eyewear that is scratch resistant will give you the most longevity when working around a lot of debris.

Materials can often be windblown or emitted from tools. Many workers are exposed to dangerous chemicals and particles that they may not even realize puts their eyes at risk. Dust may not seem like a major hazard, but it can cause irritation and lasting effects on your vision. Other common flying debris materials include metal slivers and wood chips.

Protecting against lights

Being exposed to high-intensity lights can have damaging effects on your vision. If you are working outdoors then you need to be protecting your eyes from the dangerous UVA and UVB rays. The cheap sunglasses you can buy at the gas station are not going to cut it on the job site. Look for eyewear that has UV protection lenses to ensure these harmful rays are not penetrating your eyes.

Even if you are not working outdoors it is still important to be protecting your eyes from high-intensity lights. Welders and mechanics that are constantly working with torches or lasers should also be extra cautious about their eyewear.

Protection from chemicals

You may not be able to physically see chemicals and pesticides in the air, but they are still extremely hazardous to your eye health. Chemicals can cause inflammation, causing your eyes to become red and your vision blurry. This can make it difficult to do your job effectively. Also, long-term exposure to these chemicals can have lasting effects on your eyes.

Keeping your eyes protected while on the job site is so important. Employers should ensure employees understand the risks associated with their jobs and educate them on the types of eye protection available. C-Mor Safety has offered comprehensive eye protection programs and high-quality products to businesses for over 30 years. We believe safety is the utmost concern for your company. Let us help you keep your employees safe.

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